Last day to bid on Australia offering

Tangara, Lot 3

Ahead of the close of the latest Australia auction tonight at 7pm (AEST time), please see below some information on how to bid and how the final countdown works in case you need it.

·       Starting at 7pm with Lot 1, in sequential order final bids will be taken on each lot. If a bid is received in the last minute of the Lot’s countdown, the auction will auto-extend for another minute for further bidding to take place. This can happen until no further bids are placed on the Lot and if this is the case, for the likes of Lot 1, then bidding for Lot 2 might start to end at 7.08pm instead of 7:02.

·       You can watch the sale tonight on our Live Sale Page however if you wish to bid you will have to go to the Lot’s specific page.

·       If you are concerned you might miss out on a horse in the closing stages tonight your safest bet would be to set up an Auto-bid. To do this type in the limit you’d like to bid up to and check the ‘Auto-bid’ box before clicking ‘Place Bid’. The system will then bid on your behalf and keep you in the lead up to your limit. Please note, if your auto-bid does not exceed the Reserve Price, the current bid will run straight up to the limit of your Auto-bid.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch by replying to this email or contacting our Australian Sales Representative Shona Drechsler on 03 9614 4882 or emailing


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