COVID-19 Level 3 Safe Practice Guide for Inspections

HOT DATE May 2020

Hygiene and protocol measures for Bloodstock Agents and industry licensed professionals entering studs and agistment farms at Level 3.

The NZTBA recommends at Level 3 that bloodstock inspections are by appointment only and can be conducted by a registered bloodstock agent or NZTR licenced professional, specific to their area.

Prior to arrival the agents and licensed professionals must arrange a date and time that is suitable to all parties. They must provide their address and contact details plus a clear and detailed inspection list. These are to be texted or emailed to the farm in advance of arrival.

Studs or agistment properties reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to grant or refuse access for inspections. Under no circumstances is access to be sought without prior approval.

On arrival at the stud or agistment property, bloodstock agents, licensed professionals and contracted staff are required to maintain strict standards of personal hygiene, strictly follow government social distancing advice and provide details for contact tracing.

Hands must be washed and boots should be disinfected on arrival and departure of a property.

The inspection of stock must be done at a safe distance in an open air parade area.

We encourage persons to carry some form of identification to show who they are, who they work for, and their role to support the authenticity of their travel e.g. business card, letter from their employer or work ID.

Businesses, even if they are sole operators still have to meet MBIE and WorkSafe guidelines.

MBIE guidelines for all businesses can be found here, and further information for businesses here.

Worksafe have also released guidelines on safe practice in the workplace, which you can find here.

If in doubt please refer to the government website: 

Personal Responsibility

An agent must not enter any property if they have cold or flu symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headache, aches or fever, or if they know or suspect that they have been in contact with a person suspected or confirmed as contracting COVID-19, or if they or a close contact has returned to NZ from overseas with the previous 14 days.

A list of licensed trainers is available on the NZ Trainers Association website.

A list of bloodstock agents is available on the Bloodstock Agents Federation website.


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