Bidding tips for Valachi Downs Reduction

There’s very little time left to bid in the 52 Lot Valachi Downs Unreserved Reduction on Gavelhouse Plus.

Below are some bidding tips to help you navigate the process and please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team if you have any questions via email or call +64 9 296 4436

Please note, invoices will be sent to successful purchasers by Sunday evening. There are five-day payment terms in this sale and no horses are to be uplifted from Valachi Downs over the weekend. We appreciate buyers understanding and cooperation with prompt payment and subsequent travel arrangements for their horses.

  • Lot 1 will close from 7pm (NZ). If a bid is placed in the final 30 seconds, another 30 seconds is added onto the auction and to all subsequent Lots. This will keep happening until there are no further bids placed.
  • If you are are outbid, you must type in the next bid amount, the site does not automatically update the bid amount for you.
  • There is no benefit in letting auctions run down to the last second before bidding as the auction will just keep auto-extending until no further bids are placed. This practice increases your chances of missing out on horse. 
  • Setting an auto-bid by typing in the maximum you’d pay for a horse, clicking the ‘Auto-Bid’ box and then clicking the ‘Place Bid’ button is the best way to ensure your bids are accepted despite connection issues or browsers freezing. This will keep you ahead by the lowest possible increment up to your maximum.
  • cannot identify loss of online connection, a slow internet connection or browser issues at the user’s end. Even a slight loss of internet connection that may not be noticeable can interrupt the user’s browser in following the sale in real-time. Setting up an auto-bid is the best way to ensure your bids are placed. Google Chrome or Safari are the recommended internet browsers.

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