Gavelhouse Plus Buyer Tool Kit for NZB Online Yearling Sale

Tonight at 7PM (NZT) will see the first of 49 lots in the National Online Yearling Sale go under the digital hammer on the Gavelhouse Plus platform. 

Whether you’ve purchased on the original platform before, or you are completely new to online shopping, here are some important tips for a smooth buying experience. 

Buyer Tool Kit
Vendors have supplied extensive photos and videos of each lot for you to examine on the website. Vet reports, health declarations and x-ray/scoping reports are also available in the ‘Other Reports’ tab below the description on each individual listing. 

Register Early
Being an NZB Sale, buyers need to register and have their account approved by the NZB Finance team prior to bidding. Don’t leave this last minute and risk missing out as this does take some time, start the simple registration process right away or contact one of our team members to assist you. 

Make a Shortlist
Like what you see? Gavelhouse Plus has the ability to create shortlists of your favourites in the catalogue. Click the ‘Add to Shortlist’ button in the top right hand corner of the listing.  You can also contact the vendors to arrange an inspection or for background information using the contact details on the listing. Our NZB bloodstock agents have also inspected all yearlings and are available to assist with any assessments.

‘Sale Day’ Set Up  
Make sure your computer or tablet is set up and your internet connection is secure prior to the start of the sale. Get cosy on the couch or pour yourself a drink and settle in for the bidding action!

Auto-Bid Function
Another great feature of the online platform is the ability to set an auto-bid. This allows you to set an amount that you would like to bid to on a lot, and the system will automatically bid on your behalf to that amount.  This guarantees your bids will be placed regardless of your internet connectivity or potential user errors in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, the final countdown for each lot will begin immediately after the previous lot closes so be prepared to move quickly! If a bid is placed in the final 30 seconds, the auction will auto-extend for an additional 30 seconds to allow for further bidding and this then pushes back the closing time of subsequent Lots. There is no benefit in running the clock down and bidding in the final seconds as the sale will continue to auto-extend until there are no further bids. This practice only serves to increase your chance of missing out.

Need Support?
The Gavelhouse Plus team are on call and ready to help you with any queries prior to or during the bidding. Contact them on 09 296 4436 or call one of our NZB bloodstock agents below. See you online at 7PM (NZT) tonight! 

Helpful links:

Gavelhouse Plus Buyer Registration
National Online Yearling Sale Catalogue

NZB Bloodstock Agents: Danny Rolston  +64 21 473 209
John Cameron +64 274 949 797
Regan Donnison +64 21 512 466
Kane Jones +64 27 274 4985
Cam Bray +64 21 737 199


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